The Buddhist Community Drikung Kagyu - as an assembly of of practitioners of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism was formed in the end of 1980s. In the beginning of 1990s the first official community (religious organization) was registered  thanks to instructions of our teacher and spiritual guide Nubpa Rinpoche. The name – Riga Ngaden Drikung Choling – was also granted by Nubpa Rinpoche on July 18, 2010 – during retreat dedicated to teachings of the FiveFold Path of Mahamudra. The community's name – Riga Ngaden Drikung Choling means – enormous joy (Riga), instructions of the Five- Fold path of Mahamudra (Ngaden) and spiritual center Drikung (Drikung Choling). Riga Ngaden Drikung Choling - is an ideological successor of the previous communities which, developing and ceasing, found their continuation in each other, one after the other. You can read more about activities of the community on our page in Google+ or in Facebook.

We invite you to attend our centre in days of practices (classes). The center is opened half an hour before practices and half an hour afterwards. For more details see event calendar and how to find us. We are looking forward to seeing new practitioners and guests.